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Clever Construction design

For many of our customers, the demands of a zero-defect supply chain mean their packaging has to deliver. Innovative packaging design that incorporates smart, integrated features can reduce your total pack cost, increase product protection and enhance your customer experience. Our highly experienced constructional design team can help you create bespoke, robust packaging that protects your product and helps it to perform

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Package Resilience

We design our engineering and automotive packaging using a range of solid and microflute boards, constructed to give your product the protection it needs. For many of our customers, our flexible sample service is essential to design products that prevent damage and re-shipments, as well as increasing reliability and customer satisfaction. Packaging tests will simulate the extreme conditions to which your product may be exposed – including box compression tests, impact, vibration and shock tests. Many clients choose to run their sample products all the way through the supply chain from the packing company to line-side, to guarantee resilience and practicality

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Bridger Packaging | Flexible sample and prototyping service

Fast, efficient service

For an industry that runs on next day delivery, lead times of months are not an option. Our efficient design process and skilled packaging engineers will help you create a solution within your timescale. Our sophisticated inventory management and consignment stock service, combined with a highly efficient delivery network and private fleet of vehicles for rush deliveries all ensure that you’ll have your packaging, when you need it.

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